Social Workers

As a VNSNY Social Worker, you’ll work with patients from children to seniors, with a variety of needs. You may find yourself helping a family that speaks little English locate services for a disabled child, or a patient who has suffered a catastrophic accident navigate the health insurance system. Perhaps you’ll work with a hospice patient and her family as they grapple with end-of-life concerns, or assist a stroke victim in overcoming the depression that can accompany the loss of mobility.

While most of our social workers make home visits, others work in community settings, or as part of our mobile crisis teams. Others may direct services as team and program managers.

New York State licensure and a minimum of one year of social work experience are required for most professional social work positions. Other qualifications may apply, depending upon the program. Staff and per-diem opportunities are available, so you can satisfy your work/life needs by working for us full-time or a few days a week. Positions are available throughout all five boroughs of New York City and Nassau and Westchester Counties. (Openings vary by program and service region.)

VNSNY also offers a number of positions for individuals who are not licensed professionals but have worked in such human/social service areas as vocational rehabilitation therapy and case management. A baccalaureate degree and relevant work experience are required for these positions. Employees at this level often use VNSNY’s tuition reimbursement benefit to earn their graduate degree and advance in their careers. 


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