Direct Care Nurses

Nurses come to VNSNY from a variety of health care settings, and their professional experience is as diverse as their areas of specialization. Why are nurses attracted to VNSNY and home health care? Here are six key reasons, based on feedback from our staff:


As a VNSNY nurse, you control your time, from scheduling patient visits to managing your caseload — even the length of your commute. You can also choose the specialty in which to practice, and our liberal transfer policy makes it easy for you to change among disciplines and regions. Although you’ll enjoy independence in the field, you’ll never be more than a keyboard click or a phone call away from the help you need to address challenges that arise during the day. Specialists and managers are available to make joint visits or provide office-based instruction.

2. Professional Development and advancement

As a VNSNY nurse, you’ll benefit from our focus on continuous professional development, from our comprehensive orientation and rich in-service program to consultations with clinical specialists, online learning modules, CEU workshops, and a generous tuition reimbursement benefit. Our liberal transfer policy promotes movement among programs, regions, and positions, so you can pursue your personal development goals — whether they are to gain direct care experience in a different specialty area or to climb the career ladder to an executive role!


At VNSNY, you’ll have access to technology that makes your job — and your patients’ lives — better.  Our clinicians use wirelessly connected tablet PCs that provide real-time access to patient information, a comprehensive visit document system, a medication database that provides medication alerts, and access to plans of care from patients’ physicians — all of which decreases the time you need to spend in the office.  Also, our TeleHealth program allows patients to monitor their vital signs and can catch subtle changes that reduce re-hospitalization and trips to the emergency room. 


As a nurse with VNSNY, you’ll work with your patients (and their families) from the time they’re admitted through discharge. You’ll develop rich and rewarding bonds with each patient — and with other VNSNY clinicians and staff as you coordinate care. Whether you’re a new nurse or a seasoned veteran, you’ll come to rely on the experience, insight, and knowledge of helpful colleagues.


We've been part of the fabric of New York since 1893, but we don't rest on our history. Every day is an opportunity for us to build on our success, to develop new innovations, to deliver the highest quality care — and our nurses are critical to our mission. We’re also recognized as one of New York’s leading not-for-profit organizations and employers. Click here to see our most recent honors.


The future of health care is home health care — and the leader in home health care is VNSNY. Employment in home health care is expected to more than double by 2016, driven by such factors as the aging population, longer life expectancy, advances in medical technology, and consumer preference for “aging in place.” When you build your career with VNSNY, you’ll be able to take advantage of our many opportunities to grow, learn, and advance. As a VNSNY nurse, you’ll find that every day presents challenging and rewarding work — an opportunity to expand your world by stepping into someone else’s. No two cases, and no two days, are the same.  

All of our nursing positions require a license or current registration to practice in New York State and a degree in nursing; some positions have additional requirements. We offer a generous compensation and benefits package.


For more information on job opportunities at VNSNY, click here, or email us.