Management & Leadership Program

VNSNY’s Management Development Curriculum is designed for managers at all levels. The three-tier structure guides the individual from core skills needed to manage people and projects effectively (Tier 1), through “advanced” professional and managerial skills (Tier 2), to mastery of executive competencies (Tier 3). Seminars and workshops in Tier 1 and Tier 2 are open to all supervisors and managers; enrollment in Tier 3, for managers and directors with several years of managerial experience, is by nomination only.

A sampling of topics:

  • The Art of Management
  • Managing Conflict Productively
  • Performance Management Basics
  • Project Management Foundations 
  • Foundations of Leadership

These instructor-led sessions are complemented by a variety of other development offerings, such as our “Best Practices” webinars, “Leadership Insight Into Action” podcast series, “Results & Recognition” newsletter, e-learning modules for independent learning, and Leadership Forum lecture series. In addition, our Resource Library provides an inventory of books, CD-ROMs, videos, and tapes that will assist you in your professional development. 


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